NEV References 

Chinese New Energy Car test drives & safety assessment for JAC iEV7S

HV High-Voltage Battery housing market study, Chinese Supply Chain and Factory Location search, German Tier-1 EV Investor

HV Battery Safety research and business strategy roadmap China, German Tier-1

HV Battery Cooling for NEVs:
Partner Search in China for Tier-

Light-weight Technologies for EC Electric Cars: Engineering benchmark Composites vs. metal structure, Tier-1

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               JAC Electric iEV7S Test-Drive

- EV testlab added HCHO, TVOC
  air quality monitoring services 

- 2.2.: 1st HV battery system safety
security design workshop on
  overcurrent protection for CN
 Tier-1 battery pack integrator

- 9.2.: manager lounge Shanghai:
"Will China become an super-
   power in electromobility?"

- 1st engineering contract awarded:
   NEV HV module assessment for 
   OEM customer

- Chinese Luxury EV Made-In-
  Germany 2019, Engineered in
  China & Italy

CAM Automotive Magazine

- German OEM are catching up 

  market share in NEV segment,
  leading Foreign OEM in FY22

German OEM to catch up market share, leading in FY22 

        Customer Testimonials

"Thanks to abc we have reached our goals to recruit 1st level telematic support engineers, KAM and purchasing manager"

J.C. Dagan, MD peiker

"abc achieved significant cost reductions and discharge of our Investment budget..." Read more

B. Pulferer, COO melecs 

"Our collaboration with Mr. Sikora and his Chinese team has proved highly effective in the last 30 months... abc had the grit to go the extra mile for our market entry"           Read more

Former CEO & COO, ZKW Group 

"Dr. Sikora is a skilled and experienced implementation Consultant ..."                Read more

M. Zwarning, MD, Hirtenberger Automotive Safety 

"The Cost Engineering Technology Benchmark Composites vs. metal forming for exterior parts for leight-weight electric cars delivered valuable insights for our Chinese sales team"      

F. Peters, CEO, PARAT