NEV & FCEV projects

Fuel cell stack/module and system integrator in China: field-research @ FCEV conferences in APAC

NEV battery modul/cell/housing China market research and business development, German Tier-1 Investor

Functional Safety of backbone HV-system (LV123) in China: SWOT / GAP of Chinese suppliers , Premium Tier-1

Tier-1 Forwarding sourcing for aluminum backbone harness: Purchasing & benchmarking, Austrian Tier-1

Leightweight body technolgies for BEV electtric car: market study

Benchmark Engineering, develop-ment and tooling costs composite versus metall, German Tier-1


Renewable Energy

abc & partner invest in a Hydrogen PEM fuel cell Mobility Lab 

- FCEV Research Cooperation with
  global FCEV stack supplier

 - 10. Oct: DIHK FCEV Workshop:
   Business Potential for German

- FCI Fuel Cell Insights Publication
  Ed. 11/2019 soon available




      Customer Testimonials

"Our partner abc provides valuable analytics and insights into the Hydrogen FCEV Supply Chain Market in China and in the ASEAN region"

Ralf Seyler, MD MAGNA Steyr          China

"abc achieved significant cost reductions and discharge of our Investment budget..." Read more

B. Pulferer, COO melecs 

"Our collaboration with Mr. Sikora and his Chinese team has proved highly effective in the last 30 months... abc had the grit to go the extra mile for our market entry"            Read more

H. Schuhleitner CEO, W. Vlasaty COO, ZKW Group 

"Dr. Sikora is a skilled and experienced implementation Consultant ..."                Read more

M. Zwarning, MD, Hirtenberger Automotive Safety 

"Der Kosten-Benchmark für Werkzeuge und Serienfertigung von KFZ-Außenteilen in Metall oder PU hinterspritzte Tiefziehfolie für Elektroautos lieferte wertvolle Vertriebsargumente für unser Sales Team vor Ort"      
F. Peters, CEO, PARAT