Business Development: RFI&RFQ generation, sensor purchase and cost-benchmark for Hamlin Electronics, United Kingdom

Sourcing of progressive dies for e-plated leadframes for TPMS-Sensor, 

Light-weight engineering benchmark: composites versus metal structure, German Tier-1 

Partner search for EMS Electronic Service Manufacturing Provider, German Tier-2 

Competitor analyses, business planning for glass automation line maker, LISEC

Location search EMS-production, investment agreement negotiation incl. financial benefits, Melecs Tier-2

Factory Location benchmark, tool-sourcing, forward-sourcing/APQP supplier monitoring/1st batch sample inspection for 20 purchase parts for Dalian plant, ZKW Tier-1 

Business development & sales support: C-OEM workshops, market analyses, for FLABEG

Management of sales @ sourcing office in Shanghai, Vietnam Automotive market research,
Hirtenberger Automotive Safety

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               JAC Electric iEV6 Test-Drive

- 15.11: ICS China EV Workshop
  in Graz/Austria 

- abc
Company Profile

- CAM China Automotive Maga-

- NEV Market China Update  

- Is S-GM opening Pandora´s box?

- Geely to invest in Europe 

Götterdämmerung in China

- New Industrial Site and Office
  Database for Investors

 - EV-Testdrive Zoyte 100 EV

        Customer Testimonials

"Thanks to abc we have reached our goals to recruite 1st Level telematic support engineers."

J.C. Dagan, MD peiker 2015

"abc achieved significant cost reductions and discharge of our Investment budget..." Read more

B. Pulferer, COO melecs 2014

"Our collaboration with Mr. Sikora and his Chinese team has proved highly effective in the last 30 months... abc had the grit to go the extra mile for our market entry"           Read more

H. Schuhleitner CEO, W. Vlasaty COO, ZKW Group 2012

"Dr. Sikora is a skilled and experienced implementation Consultant ..."                Read more

M. Zwarning, MD, Hirtenberger Automotive Safety 2011

"The Supplier Quality Management & Process Capability Audits of our Chinese Partners have been carried out by abc professionally and to our complete satisfaction"      Read more

V. Schmid-Schmidsfelden, MD, RF Fertinger, 2011