Company profile

abc Automotive Business Consulting is an Investment Innovation technology consultancy with focus on the Chinese automotive and EV industry and its adjacent industries.

Our mission is to create sustainable value for our global Clients through generation of new business by key enabling technologies and our deep automotive China market insights.

With a record of over 10 years automotive experience in China and a large number of delivered projects for OEM, tier-1/2 suppliers and European car importers, our clients benefit from our network and technology competence. 

Our automotive knowledge has increased by our partner in China and Europe. abc´s engineering experience is based on a large number customer projects delivered by our Shanghai team, where following technologies have been used:


LFI PU reinforced exterior parts for high-performance NEVEMS PCB supplier management
Thermoforming for interior/exterior parts of multi-layer ABS/PMMA sheets Telematics market research
LED & LED ballast sourcing E-Electroplating of lead frames 
Hall sensor applications: powertrain, passive safety solutionsautomation line and conveying belt technologies
Electric vehicles components (BMS, battery and drive system Material database solutions for REACH, RoHS and WEE 

Precision flat stamping (mold-inserted leadframes)

Injection molding: tool sourcing

Aluminium die casting (pressure die casting, semi-permanent molding)

Progressive stamping die (tool sourcing)

Hot-forging for battery terminal sourcing

Precision machining

Competitor analyses on lighting solutions for premium Tier-1 

Infotainment Market study 

Glas roving, fibre glass roving sourcing

car emblem market research

Powder coating: wheel, automotive trim

Hall sensor applications: powertrain, passive safety solutions 

Wiring harness, connectors, anf HV aluminium cables

Aluminium vacuum metallizing

Sales of ABS/PMMA sheets for thermoforming exterior parts

Sales of MGG Micro-gas generator for airbags/retractor 


New engineering and consulting engagements with leading European technology partner, focussing on NEV New Energy Vehicle Technologies (LFI, RTM, RIM) ensures abc´s sustainable growth . 

Scope of business:


· Supplier Quality Management and Sourcing

· Cost-effective market entry

„Your success in the APAC region is our commitment“ - we work every day to ensure all customer requirements are met accordingly,

"Transform Your Enterprise to future Growth" - abc guides and advices its customers facilitates growth in the Chinese Automotive Market

Owing to our global customers, we communicate with our clients in Chinese, English and German. Our customers appreciate our lean cost structure as well as our long experience in the Chinese automotive market.