Lenze Mechatronic Drives (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Client Profile

Our client Lenze is one of the leading industrial innovators in Germany and has about 3000 employees worldwide. In the financial year 2005/2006 (1st May to 30nd April) Lenze recorded a turnover of 529.1 million Euro.

 Lenze GSTLenze's product range includes frequency inverters, servo drives, geared motors, motors, clutches and brakes. It also features automation solutions with integrated software, visualisation and controls as well as system engineering, coupling technology and services.
 Lenze SMDLenze is represented in all its major locations. The largest operational sites are located in Aerzen and Extertal  (Germany), Asten (Austria), Shanghai (China) and Uxbridge (USA).


Lenze's Shanghai office is in charge of marketing and sales of drive technology for system automation. Drive automation components such as servo drives, geared motors and ECUs are part of car manufacturers' production lines mainly used in trolley drives, roller bed conveyers, turn tables and push skid conveyors today. The current OEM customer base in China is German KUKA and Eisenmann, which, in turn, have integrated their drive systems at FAW-VW and S-VW.

To back Lenze's further market growth in the Chinese automotive industry, ABC was called in to back Lenze's sales team and to enlarge automotive business development activities by the following tasks:

  • Carry out structured interviews with prospective customers at OEM and design institute level
  • Deliver a market potential and competitive analyse (SWOT)
  • Design and administrate a relational CRM/sales database (Mapping of Value Chain Key Contacts)
  • Communicate Lenze's USP to potential customer
  • Generate project leads (purchasing inquiries) and brief key account management (KAM)


  • Client received several RFI's and RFQ's from ABC project team
  • Customized OEM database with relevant future car production lines in China as a CRM tool for KAM
  • Focused sales approach to Top 10 OEM and design institutes 
  • Easy administration of purchasing managers' contact details  (ACCESS database)

CASE 2: FLABEG GAM Automotive Mirrors (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Client Profile

Our client FLABEG was founded in 1882 and has achieved in the meantime market leadership in Europe and NAFTA region by producing automotive mirrors for passenger cars. With its headquarter in Germany, the company employs about 1300 people worldwide. FLABEG has setup global presence in all important manfacturing and growth markets in the world (e.g.: China, US, Brazil, UK, Hungary). FLABEG's sales budget for FY 2006/07 shall exceed 115 mio Euro, reflecting a strong position in developed and emerging markets.

At Shanghai operation, the company was incorperated as joint venture with local mirror producer. FLABEG GAM's production line comprises convex, aspherical, flat, prismatic and Low Glare© mirrors.


As tier-2 supplier FLABEG GAM relied on its global tier-1 partner in China until lately. The company's management came to a decision to investigate new business opportunities by understanding local product requirements of emerging Chinese OEMs better. Since August 2008, ABC Ltd. has also been entrusted with CI localisation and the design of marketing tools:

  • SWOT analyses of current business plan
  • Analyses of local competitors and product benchmarking
  • Visualization of value chain and market structure at OEM level
  • Select Top-5 Chinese OEM with export plans with help of ABC's Chinese OEM database
  • Establish contacts with R&D and purchasing department to promote FLABEG GAM's products
  • Joint product presentation at OEM's headquarter in P.R. China
  • Redesign and adapt CI specifications and innovate local marketing tools (PPT, Multi-language brochure, design unique give-a-ways)
    and manage external partners (design studio, printing company)
  • Team up with local taxi operator to upgrade mirror systems ("Get F1-technology fo every cab in town")
  • Search Focus: Greater Asia Region (Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam)


  • Chinese OEM got a better understanding of more suitable mirror products for export models
  • Chinese OEM acknowlege FLABEG GAM as technology leader
  • Better communication with FLABEG's tier-1 customer
  • Unique and localised marketing tools
  • FLABEG's sales team get monthly accurate  sales and production forecasts as well as retrospective statistics

Last Update: 2008-04-25