abc OEM Production Forecast China

abc Passenger Vehicle Production forecast Service provides detailed industry analyses on OEM strategy of manufacturers in P.R. China and Vietnam. We provide insight information by using our automotive network in China. abc deliver a monthly database, containing 48 OEM with 635 car models (passenger cars, SUV, MPV, Mini-VAN) to our clients and empower them to gain an edge over their competitors. abc is working to include a special section for electric car maker and their models, which got already an official production (and export) approval by the government.

Our automotive project experiences in recent years in China safeguards an excellent network to major market player at OEM and supplier level. We are experienced in "upgrading" the pure statistic data by accurate added-value analyses, i.e. reasons for delays in SOP, slow-down of sales for a specific car or buyer preference shifts.

We are a firm believer in reliable and accurate data mining to provide OEM production forecasts until 2015 as key business development tool for our clients. Tier-1 and tier 2 suppliers who are targeting Chinese OEM and International JV manufacturer need a lightship in the arcane and untransparent market in China. abc has organized and moderated a number of technology workshops for its customers, by identifying the Key Purchasing and R&D manager for a specific platform or car line or module. By selecting the appropriate segment together with the right timing (2-3 years ahead-of-SOP), we can scale down pre-sales cost significantly.

Our research team only works with original OEM codes for platform, model and carlines. We enhance data usability by providing additional sales and engineering relevant features such pictures, price range, segmentation (A-D) analyses and, if availaible, chosen module suppliers for each vehicle. The proper production location of assembling plant is useful for line visits and test drives of pre-production passenger vehicles.

Our vehicle Production forecast is exclusivly available for P.R.China. For other region we recommend internationally recognized service provider such as CSM worldwide or IHS Global Insight.

Last update: 2008-07-01