Market Entry plus Growth Services to Reduce Risk & costs

Market Entry

ABC develops market entry strategies for companies seeking to establish a presence in, or introduce a new product or service to, China. Our engagement model pursues the main goal to minimize clients' market entry risks.
A market entry evaluation usually starts with a Key Competences Analyses and assessment of your unique selling proposition (USP) for the China market place.

A crucial issue is the elaborattion of an IPR strategy and planning of copy protection measures. Along with market studies and sector/product research, any company seeking market entry needs to adopt protective measures. Technology scouting by visiting OEM fairs, supplier exhibitions and R&D centers of our automotive network partners made us aware of still existing technological gaps and business opportunities in China.

Training and Coaching for technicians and managers ready to be relocated to China are key to avoid unexpected personnel related conflicts such as fluctuation and call backs. Our intercultural training is based on real (business) cases we found out.

ABC has prepared and conducted fact-finding business trips for car importers to meet Chinese OEM. We are experienced to customize visits of part producers along the value-chain.

For our clients we operate an automotive company pool offering you a cost-efficient presence in China with your own business address at prime location in our company pool. It offers you an office environment with a real office address and desktop during your stay in Shanghai. It is an inexpensive trialrun empowered with an attractive service package. Forthermore, we offer our customers to join our partner booth at Chinese supplier exhibition in China.

ABC Partnerstand auf Zuliefermesse

Book our 7x24h mobility service with a limousine and your business trip in the Greater Shanghai Area becomes more convenient and flexible.

If our comprehensive market environment analyses (market structure & trends market position, competitor screening, entry risk assessment) achieve a positive result, we support your business plan for corporation establishment in mainland China.

Market Growth

In cooperation with experienced local partners we register your representative office in Shanghai for a very competitive price. We share our experience in operating economically a representative office and suggest cost-saving measures in the area of HR (recruite & retain Chinese employees), taxation, product marketing and indirect sales.

Our advisory services keeps track with new regulations for the establishment of Foreign Invested Enterprise (FIE) in the production and service industry. ABC has run benchmarkings for suitable production sites in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang province.

Searching and recruitng key personal such as sales representatives and technical staff can be very time consuming and expensive, unless you have excellent industry contacts and know the market rules.

We have operated an Assessment Center (AC) to shortlist suitable applicants by double-proofing references, testimonials and technical skills (CAD design skill verification).

Last update: 2008-03-09