Integrated Supplier Management

ABC's Supplier Management Program (SMP) consists of modular and consistent procedures. Our technical team qualify and audit new suppliers according to your needs. The desk top research (CD-ROM, Internet, ABC network and recommendations) result in a long list entry in our SMP database.

If a prospective supplier has met pre-set standards during a self-assessment inquiry, our sourcing team then visit the company and run a number of onsite assessments to make sure that the prospective candidate has really implemented international automotive quality standards:

· Screen effective use of QM-systems (photo documentation)
· Compile documentation (photos, lists) of production and test equipment
· Reference verifying: product samples and company PPT&project references

We carry out product and process inspections and we audit suppliers' manufacturing and quality process.
The company is experienced in negotiating terms & conditions after having carried out a multi-dimensional benchmarking, including break-down cost analyse and weighted-scored value analyse.

We ensure that your supplier meets production and delivery schedules and packaging requirements. Our project team carry out production inspection and send feedback on the spot to you. Typically our customers place a trial order and our sourcing engineers provide a pre-shipment inspection service to reduce commercial risks. They make sure that you get what you expected from the supplier.

As a fourth party logistic consultant we act as a neutral broker between you and logistic service providers. We ensure that your specific goods are shipped by the most cost-efficient methods.

Last update: 2007-02-09